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we'll never fade away

Jared/Shannon fanfiction
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Welcome to letocest

letocest is a livejournal community about the relationship between Jared and Shannon Leto. You will be able to post fanfictions, pictures, discussions, or ideas that pertain to the subject matter of the community. In this case, Shannon and Jared Leto. However, not all fanfiction has to be slash. Anything is accepted as long as Jared and Shannon are the main characters and as long as it shows the close bond between the brothers. If you have any questions about what not to post, please contact one of the mods.

We ask you to follow the rules and be respectful to everyone's opinion. Failure to abide by the community rules will result in you being banned. You have three strikes and then you are out. If you disrespect one of the mods, there are no questions asked and you will be banned immediately.

We are very friendly and are open to everything, so don't be afraid to post your thoughts, as long as they are Leto-related. Please have fun and enjoy yourselves!

1. All posts that contain graphic subject matter or have an NC-17 rating must be friends locked with the appropriate disclaimers and warnings in the headings. Note: The moderators reserve the right to lock and delete entries that do not follow these guidelines.
2. Flaming is not allowed. If you have a problem with one of the other members, you can either contact one of the mods and let them handle it or settle it somewhere outside of the community.
3. All stories and pictures must go under an LJ-Cut
4. Please do not leave any comments in posts that do not pertain to that post. Also, do not have conversations with other members of the community through comments in posts unless the conversation is about that post.
5. The requirements for posting fanfiction are:

If you wish to be an affiliate, please email me.






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email: johnnolan@livejournal.com
AIM: NaughtyOprichnik

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